Ahoy Treasure Hunters! We’ve opened three of Davy Jones’ lockers and given out a $10 Chick-Fil-A gift card, AMC movie tickets and a $20 Home Depot gift card. Our three winners (so far) followed clues on our social networks and this blog to find the lockers and open them with their unique passwords:

1. By double clicking on Oyster Bay and using the password “Jolly Roger”
2. By hovering over Redmond for 10 seconds and using the password “Long John Silver”
3. By clicking the compass 8 times, then dragging it over to the east edge of the map and using the password “Napster”

But, there’s still four lockers left in the seas.

One of our Facebook clues suggested that activating the lighthouse would help treasure seekers see more whales in the water and use them to find another prize locker.

One of our Google Plus clues suggested that you can pick up Leviathan Rock and toss it in the Gray Rock Bay to uncover a prize locker.

On our Twitter feed, Captain Digimo posted a clue about the password that will unlock the grand prize: your chance to see PitBull and Ke$ha in concert on June 27th.

We’ve posted clues on our blog as well. Here’s a new one now actually: You can open one of the prize lockers with the name of Captain Jack Sparrow’s one true love.

And there’s more clues coming. Make sure you Like, Follow and +1 our social networks so you don’t miss out on any new clues!