We have over three dozen players in Coach Digimo’s Fantasy Football Challenge who submitted their guesses for the top performing Quarterback and Running Back this NFL season. Whoever has the quarterback and running back with the largest combined points wins two tickets to a 2014 Falcons game.

Two weeks in, Peyton Manning and LeSean McCoy lead the pack. Manning was a popular pick, but LeSean McCoy is a surprise so far with none of our players choosing him. We’ll see if he can hold on to that lead with Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch right around the corner.

Leading Quarterbacks (as of week 2):

Peyton Manning 66 pts
Michael Vick 59 pts
Aaron Rodgers 59 pts
Philip Rivers 51 pts
Sam Bradford 45 pts
Leading Running Backs (as of week 2):

LeSean McCoy 40 pts
Adrian Peterson 36 pts
Marshawn Lynch 34 pts
Reggie Bush 31 pts
Jamaal Charles 30 pts