In their most recent commercials, the Surface tablets running Windows 8 take on Apple’s iPad, the current industry leaders.

Apple’s technology has reflected a “simple and easy to use” philosophy since the second Steve Jobs era. Microsoft and Google have both done their part recently to point out that this also means “limited functionality”. You’ll find fewer bugs in Apple products because of this philosophy, because they restrict what developers have access to and how processes are handled.

The new line of videos use the voice of iPhone’s Siri and are shown in a similar fashion to the “I’m a PC” commercials from 2008. This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft has used the “I’m a PC” reference to tout their more recent software’s advantage over their biggest competitor. During the release of their last operating system, Microsoft aired several videos of various everymen coining the phrase “I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea.”

Of course, Microsoft has a long road ahead of them to dominate the tablet market. iPad retains nearly a 90% market share for tablets, while Android tablets account for 8% and Kindle Fire soaks up most of the rest. Variations of Windows 8 exist on desktop machines, tablets and smart phones, which may give it the boost needed to make a significant dent in Apple’s piece of the pie.

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