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Mobile App

Android, iPhone, Windows and more


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We specialize in full stack custom web applications!


Grow your Workforce

Developers, Designers AND  Project Managers

Digits in Motion is a full service development team with an expertise in building software and web applications, mobile apps and websites as well as online marketing and social media management. Our team is committed to helping you grow your brand. We work with you to determine where you want to take your company or organization, and create solutions to get you there.

Mobile App Development

Have an idea for the next hit mobile app, or you want to expand your brand into the mobile market? With over three dozen apps under our belt in various industries, we’re here to help!

Full-Stack Programming

Do you need to augement your current staff? Or do you need for a custom tool to be built? Maybe you want to integrate two critical systems to increase work flow productivity? We’ve got you covered.

End-to-End Web Design

Whether you have an existing site or a couple ideas scratched down on a napkin, we bring what’s in your head to life in a web browser, supporting all modern browsers and mobile standards.

API Design and Development

Need an API to service your application? Or, do you need to pull information from an external API to make your internal processes more efficient? Our team has developed and consumed APIs for Fortune 500 companies.

Online Marketing

Our web marketing services help you target the right audience, boost your search engine ranking and improve your brand exposure.

Augmented Staff

Do you need additional resources on your team to get your project over the finish line? Our team is compromised of highly skilled developers, designers, and project managers.